VADCON is a manufacturer and distributor of video, audio, and data connectivity products.

Vadcon's product line includes patch panels, wall plates, face plates, floor boxes, wired enclosures, cables, connectors,
adapters, rack accessories, and more. For custom products, Vadcon can take your concept from design to production.

Patch Panels
BNC Patch Panel
BNC Patch Panel - XLR Patch Panel - F Patch Panel
N Patch Panel - SMA Patch Panel - HD15 Patch Panel
DB25 Patch Panel - DB15 Patch Panel - DB37 Patch Panel
DB9 Patch Panel - USB Patch Panel - Firewire Patch Panel
DVI Patch Panel - HDMI Patch Panel - Cat 6 Patch Panel
Cat 5e Patch Panel - XLR/TRS Combo Patch Panel
Midi Patch Panel - RCA Patch Panel - 1/4 Patch Panel
Banana/Binding Post Patch Panel - Speakon Patch Panel
Keystone Patch Panel - Unloaded Patch Panel - More! Patch Panel Main Menu
Custom Products
True custom products can be drawn by our design
team and then produced in our metal shop.

Often custom requests be produced by reconfiguring
stock items or using our Modular Advantage solutions.
By using either of these options we can produce custom
configurations quickly - often within 1 business day!
Custom Wired Enclosure
Custom Patch Panels - Custom Wall Plates
Custom Wired Enclosures - Custom Face Plates
Custom Floor Boxes - Custom Unique Designs!
Custom Products Main Menu
Wall Plates
Specially Designed Wall Plates with mounting holes at 16"
o.c. for standard stud mounting or special bracket mounting.
Great for Studios, Garages, and Road Cases!
XLR Wall Plate
XLR Wall Plate - XLR/TRS Combo Wall Plate
TRS Wall Plate - Speaker Wall Plate
USB Wall Plate - Firewire Wall Plate
Cat 5e Wall Plate - HDMI Wall Plate
F Wall Plate - RCA Wall Plate
SVHS Wall Plate - BNC Wall Plate - More!
Wall Plate Main Menu

Adapter Plate Panels & Plates

Build your own custom Patch Panel or Wall Plate!
Simple solution for your custom needs!
Adapter Plate Patch Panel and Wall Plate
Patch Panel with 16 open ports to fill however you need!
Wall Plate with 12 open ports to fill however you need!

All panel mount connectors can be installed - Unlimited configurations!
Assemble yourself or have Vadcon build it for you!
Adapter Plate Main Menu
Modular Advantage
Modular Advantage Module Plates
Interchangeable Module Plates offer a quick, easy
solution for you to produce your own custom
Patch Panels, Wall Plates and Floor Boxes.

Module Plates are easily changed as your needs change
and without having to replace the entire Patch Panel,
Wall Plate, or Floor Box you'll save time & money!
Modular Advantage Main Menu
Face Plates
Stainless Steel Face Plates
Stainless Steel Face Plates
Many connector choices available -
XLR - TRS - RCA - BNC - SVHS - Speakon - Firewire
TNC - Cat 5e - Cat 6 - RJ45 - N - SMA - USB - DB9
HD15 - DVI - DB15 - HDMI - DB25 and many more!

Custom Face Plates available! Face Plate Main Menu

Wired Enclosures
XLR Wired Enclosure
1RU rack mount enclosures 4.25" or 8.25" deep.
Connectors are wired front to rear. or rear to front.

Many connector choices available for enclosures
XLR - TRS - XLR/TRS Combo - Speakon - More!

Custom Enclosures available! Wired Enclsoure Main Menu
Floor Boxes - Stage Pockets

Floor Pockets - Stage Pockets - Stage Boxes
Heavy Duty Steel Construction - Tapered Edge
Floor Boxes
Available loaded or unloaded.
Many configurations available.
Many connector options to choose from.
Easily build your own Modular Advantage Floor Box!
Floor Box Main Menu
Recessed Dish Plates
Recessed Dish Plates
Recessed Dish Plates - Wherever recessing is needed.
Speaker cabinets, walls, road cases, and more!
Available Loaded or Unloaded!
XLR, 1/4", TRS, Speakon, and many more! Recessed Dish Plate Main Menu

Rack & Mounting Equipment
XLR Wall Plate
Rack Screws - Rack Rails - Cable Management
Solid Rack Shelves - Vented Rack Shelves
Sliding Rack Shelves - Rack Drawers
Rack Ear Extenders & More!
Rack & Mounting Equipment Main Menu
Audio, Video & Data Cables
Audio Cables - Video Cables - Data Cables
Cables Main Menu
New Panel Mount Cables!
Panel Mount Cables Cables Main Menu
Connectors & Adapters
Audio Connectors - Video Connectors - RF Connectors
Audio Adapters - Video Adapters - RF Adapters

Connectors & Adapters
Lots of audio, video, and RF connectors and adapters!
1/4", Twinax, Mini UHF, 3.5mm, D-Sub, Pal, USB,
Gender Changers, HDMI, Firewire, Toslink, and more!
Connectors & Adapters Main Menu

Sound Absorption
Sound Absorption Products
Sound Absorption Products

Flame Retardant Foam Sheets, Tiles,
Corner Bass Traps, and Corner Blocks.
Wedge Contour Cut - Pyramid Cut - Egg Crate.
Sound Absorption Main Menu
Microphone Flags
Microphone Flags
VADCON stocks many sizes and shapes to choose from.
4 Sided Squares - 4 Sided Rectangles - 4 Sided Rounds
3 Sided Rectangles - 3 Sided Squares Microphone Flags
Purchase Blank Mic Flags to apply your own logo or
Purchase Custom Mic Flags and we'll apply your logo.
Mic Flags Main Menu
Designed Media Cases
DVD Cases and Inserts
Over 140 Designed DVD & VHS Cases
Pre-Designed video cases to protect and share your
special events & memories captured on video.
Titles: Our Wedding, Our Wedding Day, Our Children's
Wedding, Our Anniversary, Our Engagement, In Memory,
Retirement, Graduation, Cheerleading, My Sweet Sixteen,
Dance, New Baby, Happy Birthday, & many more! Video Cases and Inserts Main Menu