VADCON is a manufacturer and distributor of patch panels, wall plates, face plates, floor boxes,
wired enclosures, rack accessories, cables, connectors, adapters, mic flags, special event media cases, and many products.
These products are used in broadcasting, audio, video, security, data, videography and many other applications.

VADCON services everyone - the commercial, governmental, educational and end user consumer markets.
Our goal is to deliver the best combination of products, service and pricing to our valued customers.

VADCON is an employee owned and operated company originally founded in 1995. Every employee takes pride in being part owner of the corporation. You will only speak to and/or have your order handled by one of the owners of our corporation.
We believe this results in superior service and fair prices to each and every one of our customers.

Why the name change from One Visit Media to VADCON?

 Through the years we had gotten away from media products, as our main focus is our connectivity products. Another reason was that our business name was mispronounced quite frequently - we were often referred to as One VISTA Media, One Stop Media, or even One Visit Medical.

What does VADCON mean, or where does it come from?
VADCON comes from our main business focus -
Video Audio Data CONnectivity.