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Listed below are many of the hardware items used in our products.

Type of Hardware Description Link

Rack Screws Rack ScrewsClick Here

4-40 Machine Screws & Nuts

We generally use these to install connectors into our XLR, NDIN, and Speaker holes found
in our Patch Panels, Wall Plates, Module Plates, Face Plates, Floor Boxes, Enclosures, etc.

4-40 Black Oxide 1/4" Flat Head Click Here
4-40 Black Oxide 1/4" Flat Head
4-40 Black Oxide 3/8" Flat Head
4-40 Black Oxide 1/4" Pan Head
4-40 Black Oxide 1/2" Pan Head
4-40 Stainless 1/4" Flat Head
4-40 Stainless 3/8" Flat Head
4-40 Stainless Nut & Washer

4-40 Jack Screws & Hex Nuts

We use these to install gender changer (DB9, HD15, DB15, DB25, etc.)
connectors into our Patch Panels, Module Plates, and Face Plates.

4-40 Jack Screw - Special Short Head Click Here
4-40 Hex Nuts

Check our Clearance Sale section for Spacers and Standoffs