Image Proofing & Color Matching

We print exactly what you send us - so basically you already have a proof, but what
you've viewed with your equipment may look different than what a calibrated printer will print.

Unless your equipment is calibrated with the Pantone huey, the colors depicted with
your equipment may not be accurate and could be many, many shades off - therefore what
we print may not be what you've viewed using your computer monitor or printer.

In order to supply a you with a proof you must provide your image and identify the
colors used in your image using the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®.

We'll print a proof on the material used and mail it to you via Priority Mail with a fax approval form.

Once we receive the approval form and your mic flag order we will begin production.

Cost for proofs is $25 per image - any changes to the artwork after initial proof is an additional $15 per occurrence.

* Lead time for production of a proof is 2 to 3 business days, after your image(s) and PMS colors are received.
* Adding Express shipping to the proof order only speeds up shipping - not the proof production.

Mic Flag Proof
Desription Price Number of Images to be Proofed Order
Mic Flag Blank Proof $25.00