Custom Face Plates

Our Face Plate Menu features face plates with the same type of connector loaded front and back.

Quite often a face plate with multiple types of connectors and/or a non-standard layout is required.

How to request a quote for a Face Plate

First Step
Review the 2 basic options below for producing custom Face Plates.

1) Utilize a Stock Face Plate - Sample Portfolio

As many different connectors will fit the same size hole we can often put multiple types of connectors in the same stock plate.
This chart will help determine if the multiple connectors you need can fit within the same hole stock Face Plate.
If this is a possible option we can most likely produce your custom layout within 1 to 2 business days.

2) Produce a True Custom Face Plate - Sample Portfolio

If the option above will not suit your needs then we would produce a True Custom Face Plate.
True Custom Face Plates involve slightly longer production time which may require 2 to 3 business day to complete.

First Step
Click to open your email client - leave the email open so you can add info as we move along.

1) Always refer to "Face Plate" in your email - any other name will confuse the process.

2) Start with your First and Last Name and a good daytime telephone number in case we need to contact you directly.

3) Indicate what size plate you think will best suit your needs - we stock single gang up to 6 gang.

4) Review the chart of available of connector options and let us know what connectors you want.

Be very specific - Many connectors will have multiple options - we need to know exactly which you need!
For instance don't just tell us "DB9" - as the list shows there are 4 choices for DB9 -
Female to Female, Male to Male, Female to Male, or Male to Female.

Note: If you don't see a connector you want/need don't be afraid to ask - we'll do our best to accommodate.

5) If you have a preferred layout for the connectors please note what it is - for example:
"Top connector XLR Female 3 Pin Solder - Bottom connector TRS Solder".

6) Indicate how many of the custom face plates you need and if you have a deadline, what the deadline is.

7) Provide any other info you feel is important to your request.

Second Step
Send us the email!

We'll contact you if we require additional information.

Once all the details are worked out we'll reply with a link to a custom quote/order page - usually within 48 hours.