N Wall Plates - Loaded with Female to Female Bulkheads

Wall plates with mounting holes 16" on center designed for mounting between studs.
Works great in any wall - your media closet, studio, control room, even the wall of a road case!
Optional Wall Mount Brackets are available for situations where 16" on center stud mounting is not possible.

N Female to Female Bulkhead 5/8D Mount
N Female to Female Bulkheads
Panels Made In The USA

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Wall Plate sizes and connector spacing? The Wall Plate dimensions and connector spacing can be viewed here - Wall Plate Specs
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At this time we do not have any wall plates designed exclusively to hold N Bulkheads.
However, we do have some solutions that make N Bulkhead Wall Plates possible.

1) N Bulkheads mounted in an adapter plate will fit into any XLR type Wall Plate.

2) N Module Plates will fit into any Modular Advantage Wall Plate.

3) We can produce a True Custom N Bulkhead Wall Plate.